Ausztrál Open - Ennyi


Szántó PetraSzántó Petra
2012/02/03 00:04

Nole és Rafa döntője nem csak a teniszvilágban durrant nagyot, napokig mindenki erről beszélt. Még a legnagyobbak is.

"That is the beauty in sports, accepting that somebody was better than you and will force you to overcome yourself next time. And sport gives us good examples about that, Nadal-Djokovic, man. It is a pleasure to be able to watch that, six hours. Nadal was 10 cm from reaching a 5-2  in the fifth set, he missed winning the final by 10 cm and then he went there, shaked hands and said 'Djokovic, you are a fucking master, you are good'. And then he went home thinking that he has showed his best. I listen to that and I think to myself 'this is sport'."

(Pep Guardiola, FC Barcelona vezetőedző)